City Girl Talk: Boston’s (fashion) independence movement

As one of the most major displays of festivities in and around the 4th of July, all eyes are on the city of Boston, the Charles River and the Boston Pops Orchestra around this time of the year. This means that city girls need to be on top of their game, fashionably speaking. And if you don’t think Boston is at the forefront of a fashion revolution, think again. There’s plenty putting Boston on the map, sartorially speaking, with some of the movement almost as undetected as a Sons of Liberty meeting… 

Chances are, that if you’ve stumbled upon this blog, you already know what I’m about to saw is becoming increasingly true; life is a catwalk. Whether you strut your stuff through the suburbs or along the Esplanade, Boston is becoming a formidable force in the fashion world. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why Bostonians are revolutionaries, and not just when it comes to declaring their independence…

Boston Fashion Week

The official logo of Boston Fashion Week.

The official logo of Boston Fashion Week. // Photo credit:

While Fashion Week itself isn’t a new concept, Boston has followed the footsteps of New York City, Milan, London and Paris in recognizing designers, hosting fashion shows and entertaining buyers and the media to capitalize on an industry that thrives on the creative contributions of its citizens. This year’s event, (which takes place the last week in September) will be partnering with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Massachusetts College of Art & Design and The Boston Globe, among others. Volunteers and fashion enthusiasts from the School of Fashion Design and Boston Magazine will gather at venues such as the Revere Hotel and the Boston Public Library for events involving runway presentations and other industry events. To volunteer or learn other ways to be involved, visit the Boston Fashion Week Official Page or click here.


Mark your calendar: The StylePhile is predicting that cocktail dresses and skinny ties will be necessary for this event...

Mark your calendar: The StylePhile is predicting that cocktail dresses and skinny ties will be necessary for this event… // Photo credit: StylePhile

If the Boston Globe is your preferred source for news and you check with any sort of regularity, you may have already found StylePhile, a blog collection of fashion news from coverage of Couture Week to the most recent fashion collaborations. It was on StylePhile that a friend first heard of  fashion house Yves Saint Laurent and their monumental decision to drop their first initial and where I look for fun city girl events like La Morra’s “La Dolce Vita Party”. For beauty tips, boutique openings and other news from around the city, catch up on fashion files from StylePhile.

School of Fashion Design

A School of Fashion Design display at the Natick Collection.

A School of Fashion Design display at the Natick Collection. // Photo credit: StylePhile

Established in 1934, this growing fashion institution is the only design-focused school for fashion in the Commonwealth. “A curriculum has been developed that stresses a solid foundation in traditional techniques, addresses the technological demands of the contemporary market and remains innovative by evolving within the industry.” The Board of Trustees is comprised of former CAD’s from Lane Bryant, directors from Filene’s, and administrators of the US Navy and Jo Model Management, among others.

The Fashion Truck

Just a girl and her (very chic) truck!

Just a girl and her (very chic) truck! // Photo credit:

If you’re a recent college grad suffering a mental block as to what to do next, take comfort in what Fashion Truck founder Emily Benson’s parents allegedly said to her, “You don’t need to go to graduate school. You just need a great idea.” While you’re mulling over that “great idea”, head down to the SoWa Open Market in Boston’s Historic South End on Sundays from 10-4pm and reward Emily for her inspired entrepreneurialism! Filled with hand-selected apparel and accessories, The Fashion Truck offers service besides just providing an innovative retail experience. Visit their website to see what else they have to offer!

Fashion’s Night Out

Just a taste of the Smashbox Studio party in Allston.

Just a taste of the Smashbox Studio party in Allston. // Photo credit: Lovethecool

“Launched in 2009 as a partnership with VOGUE magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Fashion’s Night Out has become a global celebration.” On September 6th, the city of Boston will host the 2nd annual Fashion’s Night Out which encourages retailers to stay open later and offer, food, drinks and entertainment to facilitate a city-wide appreciation for the fashion industry. Last year, Newbury St., often considered the Rodeo Drive of Boston, was completely closed to traffic and the sidewalks were lined with red carpets and most events were open to the public…every fashion journalist’s dream. Follow the event on Twitter for coverage and updates!

My sartorial sidekick Aaron and I at the Smashbox Studio party in Allston at the FNO last year.

My sartorial sidekick Aaron (L) and I (R) at the Smashbox Studio party in Allston at FNO last year.

What are your favorite fashion havens? To track me as I make purchases and visit FNO and Fashion Week vendors, follow me on FourSquare. All of my Fashion Week updates will be available on LinkedIn and Facebook as the dates approach!

Hope you’re having a lovely holiday!

xo, Vanessa

Forbes FactBefore the Revolutionary War, wealthy American colonists ordered their fashionable clothing from England. With the war came restrictions on imported goods, which included most luxury items, like silk and velvet. After the war, most Americans switched their fashion allegiances to France.–A.R.


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