City Girl Superlatives: 2012 V.I.P.’s

Boston-area city girls can do just about anything they set their mind to. From appearing on the big screen, hosting live-telecasts and making “desperate” look good, keep reading to find out Little Black Blog BOSTON’s favorite leading ladies.

Framingham, Taunton, Raynham and Lexington; care to know what they all have in common? These suburbs have produced some of the most interesting city girls in recent memory. If you thought your friends were the funniest, best singers or greatest athletes, they’re not the only talented Boston-bred ladies…

Elizabeth Banks: Actress

Elizabeth Banks

Pittsfield’s favorite golden girl, Elizabeth Banks // Photo credit: IMDb

Superlative: Hollywood’s Most Valuable Player

Yes, even “Effie Trinket” hails from the Bay State. Turns out, some celebrities are similar to “People Like Us“…if you grew up in Pittsfield, went to UPenn and/ or were a member or Delta Delta Delta. If you’re also as confident with comedy and science fiction as you are with thrillers and drama, you might be Elizabeth Banks and have therefore won Little Black Blog BOSTON’s award for “Hollywoods’ Most Valuable Player”.

Susie Castillo: TV Personality

Susie Castillo

Methuen-bred, girl-next-door, Susie Castillo // Photo credit: Exposay

Superlative: Miss Congeniality

For any city girl that hails from Methuen, graduated from Methuen High or attended Endicott College, Susie Castillo is probably already one of your role models. Sharing in your affinity for Interior Architecture and Design, Kappa Delta programming and beauty pageants, Ms. Castillo has moved on to be featured on numerous television appearances, represent numerous brands (including but not limited to, Charlotte Russe, Neutrogena and Pantene) and during her spare time, volunteers for HAWC (Help for Abused Women and Children), the Lawrence Girls’ Club and Latinas Against Sexual Assault. It is for these reasons that Ms. Castillo is deserving of the title, “Miss Congeniality”.

Marcia Cross: TV Actress

Marcia Cross

Red-hot Marlborough-native, Marcia Cross // Photo credit:

Superlative: Most Likely To Succeed (On Multiple Shows)

Bridging the gap between Boston and Worcester, Marcia Cross puts Marlborough, Mass. on the map with her significant educational background and lengthy resume. Did you know that after graduating from Marlborough High that this ambitious (not “desperate”) rising star studied at Juilliard  School in New York and Antioch University in L.A. or that she has a master’s degree in Psychology? With an acting career that started on a soap opera in 1984, Ms. “Bree Van de Kamp” has sure come a long way. From the original Melrose Place to Seinfeld and Cheers to Boy Meets World; Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…you win “Most Likely To Succeed (On Multiple Shows)” hands down!

Monique Gabriela Curnen: Actress

Monique Gabriela Curnen

Monique Gabriela Curnen // Photo credit:

Superlative: Hometown Hottie/ One To Watch

Maybe I’m biased because this one’s from Framingham, Mass. (a.k.a. my hometown), but after researching Ms. Curnen’s credentials, I was very impressed with how far she’s come. As if starting out as Ryan Gosling’s love interest in “Half Nelson” wasn’t impressive enough, Ms. Curnen has also showcased her talents on “House”, “Without A Trace”, “Lie To Me” (to name a few) and 2008’s big screen favorite “The Dark Knight” as Detective Ramirez. Up next, look out for Monique in a number of projects opposite talents like Tatum O’Neal, Rick Fox, Kiefer Sutherland and Jim Parsons.

Stephanie Cutter: Political operative

Stephanie Cutter

Stephanie Cutter // Photo credit:

Superlative: Most Interesting

If I had to pick one person to switch places with on this list, I would probably have to go with Ms. Cutter. Chances are, that if you’re signed up for any of the Obama campaign e-mails, you’ve gotten a message or two from her about the Affordable Care Act, The Buffet Rule or Romney Economics. As deputy campaign manager to Obama’s re-election campaign committee, she gets to send e-mails on behalf of the leader of the free world. Hailing from Taunton and raised in Raynham, Ms. Cutter’s done everything from attending Smith College and Georgetown Law to working as Deputy Communications Director for the White House under Bill Clinton. From her involvement with the EPA to serving as the late Edward Kennedy’s Communications Director, I bestow the title “Most Interesting” to Ms. Cutter, confident that her day job can’t be beat.

Yvonne Sangudi

Singer, songwriter and fellow Framingham native, Yvonne Sangudi (R) and myself (L).

Who is your favorite city girl and why? Give me your names for “Boston’s best” and maybe I’ll feature them! Post below in the comments, sound off on my poll on Tumblr or via Twitter using the hash tag #citygirltalk. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

xo, Vanessa


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