City Girl Talk: “You can take the girl out of Boston, but you can’t take Boston out of the girl”

Recently I had the chance to sit down and catch up with a colleague of mine who is a recent city girl transplant…in L.A. (I know, what could possibly possess her to leave this fine city?) Well, turns out my dear friend, Miss Lindsay Rich, has quite the life in L.A., from working the room at events for her job with Giuliana Rancic’s company, FabFitFun, and assisting a celebrity DJ (yes, that’s a “thing”.) As if I wasn’t jealous enough, Lindsay and I met for coffee so she could tell me all about her fabulous life and what she misses most about Boston. Keep reading to find out what she said!

To me, for any Boston-area native to leave the city to be a “grown up” is completely ridiculous. With median annual wages averaging at $44,680, a number of places to frequent “after hours”, (and even more to enjoy on the weekends,) well frankly, I think you’d be crazy to leave! But wait, under one condition; what if you got the chance to work for a celebrity like Giuliana Rancic? Okay, okay, I confess, I’d take it too and I suppose that’s why I empathize with my friend and colleague, Lindsay Rich, when she took her talents to, uh, Venice Beach.

Growing up in Wayland, Mass., Lindsay confessed to me that while she always thought (or hoped) she’d end up in California, she wouldn’t have believed someone if they said she’d be a California girl post-graduation and in The City of Angels, no less when we were back on our tiny campus at Emmanuel College. So what exactly is it about her life that is so unbelievable? Well, aside from the celebrities she’s seen, Lindsay seems to have learned a lot about California culture in terms of work ethic, fashion and how she’ll always have a place in her heart for Fenway Park.

The "landing page" for FabFitFun...don't you just love it already?

The “landing page” for FabFitFun…don’t you just love it already?

On the Youk move: “It’s weird, it’s different. He’s playing great, he’s doing really well, he seems happy so personally, I’m bummed he’s not in Boston but I think professionally, and for him, it’s a great move.”

When asked about the East Coast impression that L.A. must be bustling, leaving little room to relax, Lindsay told me that, “People definitely hustle out there, and they work but its more laid back. They’re on their own time.” On Lindsay’s own time, she’s met a whole slew of V.I.P.’s including Emmanuelle Chriqui and Shanae Grimes (to name a few).

She’s also had the opportunity to pick up on some sartorial California characteristics (like neon bandeaus under loose tanks). I asked her if there was a difference between East Coast and West Coast style and we talked about how temperature plays a big part in how Californians dress. She said that, “L.A. temperature affects it. I think in New York, people dress for fashion. They dress for the amazing items of clothing that they can wear whereas in L.A., you can’t really do that.

This is Lindsay, living the sweet life at an event in L.A.. (Do I wish I had her life? Yup!)

This is Lindsay, living the sweet life at an event in L.A.. (Do I wish I had her life? Yup!)

Three words that describe Lindsay’s style now: Beachy-chic. Colorful. Eclectic.

“You have to dress for the temperature so there’s a  lot more maxi dresses, cut-off shorts, tank tops, flip flops, whereas in New York  I feel like there’s a permanent fashion show where everyone dresses to impress,” she says, There’s definitely a lot more color in L.A.” Lindsay mentioned to me that she wears a lot of black (something I’m guilty of as well) and described how that makes her stick out to native (or naturalized) Californians. “Everyone automatically is like, ‘You’re from the East Coast. Where on the East Coast are you from?'” and laughed.”It’s funny.”

After frantically jotting down a side-note about how not to look so East Coast all the time, I asked Lindsay what her favorite part of her new gig was. “I do love the fashion. We do a lot of work with The Zoe Report, with WhoWhatWear, and with companies like those. We’ll highlight a couple looks of the season. We always want to be on trend and cutting edge and do stuff like that so that’s fun. We also do a lot of events and we’re starting to ramp up our video content so all of it is cool but I guess events would be my favorite part probably because, well,  what’s not to like about going out and getting to hang out with all of your friends and chatting up your work?! I love it, all of it. Its just great.”

Lindsay’s West Coast guilty pleasure: Malibu.

I was curious to hear about what it’s like living out West and her favorite part about the West Coast. She replied with “the lifestyle” as it’s “very laid back” and “very beach-y”. “It’s more beachy than I thought it would be,” she said, “Moving out to L.A. I thought, “I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m high maintenance enough for this, for L.A., but its totally not like that. I mean, it can be if you want it to be but I like the culture of it all; the beachy vibes, everyone goes out all the time, there’s rooftops to look over the beach. I like it, it’s a nice change of pace.”

Lindsay went from calling Emmanuel College and the city of Boston home to living large in L.A. Not bad for a former suburbanite!

Lindsay went from calling Emmanuel College and the city of Boston home to living large in L.A. Not bad for a former suburbanite!

So how does someone score a gig like Lindsay’s? Well aside from her West Coast adventures, Lindsay’s had her share of experiences and opportunities from being a city girl while in college. “I think a combination of going abroad, of working with the Red Sox, and getting into that clientele of the players, the players’ wives, you know, being around those types of people made me really want to be fully immersed in it. It’s just fun. I can’t even call it work.”

The pop culture reference Lindsay’s most tired of: Channing Tatum.

Many thanks to my intern, Stephanie Osber, for developing great content for this interview and to Lindsay Rich for her “California dreamin'”, making this interview possible and for sharing her ultra glamorous life with Little Black Blog BOSTON!

xo, Vanessa


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