About Vanessa

Beach tip 101: A hat is a chic way to look cute on the beach and protect yourself from the sun!

Born and raised in Framingham, Massachusetts, Vanessa Gatlin has been on a journey of personal and professional growth since graduating from Emmanuel College of Boston in May of 2011. A collector of fun tips, social media strategies and lovely styling ideas, she launched her first blog in November of 2011.

COSMOpolitique quickly gained followers through postings on various social media platforms including, but not limited to, an exclusive e-mail address, a Facebook fan page and LinkedIn updates. Readers in countries such as Russia, Ireland, Canada and Germany (to name few!) could browse posts ranging in topics from recipes for professional development, trending fashion movements and other lifestyle topics.

With a new year, came a new vision for Vanessa’s creative energy. Her foray into the social media stratosphere had refined her interests, as well as her fashion sense, and required a brand new canvas on which to paint.

Taking her experiences from city living and passion for fashion, current events and event planning, Vanessa debuted the Little Black Blog BOSTON in April of 2012 to showcase her personal affection for a variety of topics. Vanessa hopes to inspire a wealth of conversation among young professionals and Bostonians who share in her affinity of the contemporary and progressive city (life)style.

“Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.”-Unknown


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